Law Society

Law Society Chief Hectic Visit to US

A whirlwind visit to the United States proved to be a significant opportunity for Law Society chief Chan Chak-ming to engage in meaningful discussions. Amidst a bustling schedule, Chan engaged with officials from the US State Department, shedding light on misconceptions surrounding the legal and judicial systems of the Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Hong…

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Intrusion in Media: A Deeper Analysis

In the landscape of contemporary American society, one prevailing consensus stands out amidst the cacophony of differing opinions – the news-media environment is riddled with profound issues and no intrusion. This shared concern is not confined to any specific political faction; it extends across the spectrum. Conservatives have long criticized the media as a partisan…

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Skipton Legal Firm Receives Coveted Lexcel Quality Mark

AWB Charlesworth, a prominent legal firm with offices in Skipton, Keighley, and Bradford. It is celebrating its 14th consecutive year of securing the prestigious Lexcel practice quality mark awarded by the Law Society. This mark is a diagnosed accreditation scheme designed for regulation companies and in-houselegal departments. They are showcasing their commitment to maintaining high…

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Adrian Tan: Celebrating the Legacy

The legal community in Singapore came together to commemorate the life and achievements of Adrian Tan. He is the former president of the Law Society of Singapore (Law Soc). This touching ceremony, held on July 31 and organized by his law firm. It witnessed an outpouring Of tributes from distinguished figures. It will happen together…

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Rajnath Singh Emphasizes the Role of Civil Society

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh highlighted the importance of a strong and enlightened civil society in retaining a functioning democracy. Speaking at a C20 meeting, he noted the capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) to act as stress multipliers for governments. Singh emphasized that CSOs play a critical role in influencing official policies and programs across…

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Frustration Over Road Accident Fund Claim Processes

The Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) and numerous different criminal our bodies. They have expressed their ongoing frustration with the challenges faced by legal practitioners. They trying to claim on behalf of road accident victims from the Road Accident Fund (RAF). Struggles with Claim Logging and Processing According to the association, criminal practitioners are…

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