Adrian Tan: Celebrating the Legacy


The legal community in Singapore came together to commemorate the life and achievements of Adrian Tan. He is the former president of the Law Society of Singapore (Law Soc). This touching ceremony, held on July 31 and organized by his law firm. It witnessed an outpouring Of tributes from distinguished figures. It will happen together with Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon and Law and Home Affairs Minister KShanmugam. They expressed their admiration for Tan’s exceptional linguistic prowess and connections beyond the legal realm.

The Wordsmith Beyond the Courtroom

At the heart of Adrian Tan’s legacy was his remarkable gift for words and humor. It transcended the boundaries of the legal profession. His mastery of language left an indelible mark on the legal circles and resonated with diverse communities. Beyond his legal acumen, Tan’s ability to connect with people from all walks of life was a testament to his profound impact on society.

A Spirit Unyielding: Adrian Tan’s Fight Against Adversity

The late High Court judge, Hri Kumar Nair, a cherished friend of Adrian Tan since their law school days. They shared poignant recollections of Tan’s unwavering determination in the face of a devastating cancer diagnosis. Despite being given a daunting prognosis, Tan displayed unparalleled strength, defying the odds and inspiring those around him. His unwavering spirit and resilience have become a beacon of desire for others going through comparable battles.

Candid Sharing: Adrian Tan’s Journey with Cancer

In a bold and courageous move, Adrian Tan chose to share his personal struggle with cancer, breaking the barriers of vulnerability and opening the doors to support and understanding. Through a heartfelt post on LinkedIn, he candidly narrated his journey, inviting his followers to be part of his fight and offering a glimpse into the human behind the legal icon.

A social media Icon: Adrian Tan’s Impact Online

Adrian Tan’s digital presence on LinkedIn was nothing short of extraordinary. His thought-provoking posts on diverse topics captivated a broad audience and sparked meaningful discussions. From advocating for the welfare of migrant workers to providing practical advice on keeping cats in HDB flats, Tan’s online contributions transcended traditional legal discourse, making him a true social media sensation.

Beyond Law: The Literary Legacy of Adrian Tan

Adrian Tan’s talents were not confined to the legal realm alone; he was a literary maestro in his own right. While pursuing law at NUS in the late 1980s, he penned two iconic bestsellers: “The Teenage Textbook” and “The Teenage Workbook. These literary gems not only garnered immense popularity but also made their way into theaters and film, solidifying Tan’s position as a multi-faceted artist.