69 Escaped Crocodiles from Flooded Farm in Southern China Successfully Recaptured


In the southern province of Guangdong, China, authorities have successfully recaptured 69 crocodiles that escaped from a flooded farm. Despite the escape, there have been no reports of crocodile attacks so far. This article provides details on the incident, the efforts to recapture the crocodile, and the circumstances that led to their escape.

The Flooded Farm

The incident began when severe weather conditions, including Typhoon Haikui and monsoon rains, led to heavy rainfall across several cities and regions in the Pearl River Delta area earlier this month. This resulted in urban flooding, landslides, road closures, and other hazardous situations.

The crocodiles in question were housed on a farm in Guangdong Province, which was affected by the heavy rains and flooding. The farm owner reported to the police that the farm had been home to 71 Siamese crocodiles, including two juvenile crocodiles, prior to the incident. Unfortunately, two crocodiles had already perished before the escape.

The Escape

The crocodile made their escape when the floodwaters inundated their farm, allowing them to swim away. The floodwaters carried the crocodile to various locations, posing potential risks to nearby communities.

Recapturing the Crocodile

Efforts to recapture the escaped crocodiles were swiftly launched by local authorities. A total of 40 crocodiles were discovered within the vicinity of the farm on Saturday, September 16. These crocodiles were safely captured and returned to the farm. Additionally, 29 crocodiles were apprehended from nearby ponds and flooded fields.

The recapture operation involved a coordinated effort between law enforcement agencies, farm personnel, and experts in handling and capturing crocodile. While the escape of 69 crocodile raised concerns, the successful recapture without any reported incidents of crocodile attacks was a relief.

Crocodile Behavior

Crocodiles are known for their powerful bodies and strong swimming abilities. During floods, They often take advantage of rising water levels to relocate or explore new areas. While they are generally reclusive and avoid human contact, their presence in flood-affected regions can be a cause for concern.

No Reported Crocodile Attacks

Despite the escape and the challenges posed by flooding, there have been no reported crocodile attacks on humans or livestock. Authorities have been vigilant in monitoring the situation and responding promptly to any sightings or reports of escaped crocodiles.


The successful recapture of the 69 escaped crocodiles in Guangdong Province highlights the effective coordination between authorities and local communities during a challenging situation caused by severe weather. While crocodile escapes can be alarming, the absence of any reported attacks underscores the importance of swift and well-organized response efforts.