Skipton Legal Firm Receives Coveted Lexcel Quality Mark


AWB Charlesworth, a prominent legal firm with offices in Skipton, Keighley, and Bradford. It is celebrating its 14th consecutive year of securing the prestigious Lexcel practice quality mark awarded by the Law Society. This mark is a diagnosed accreditation scheme designed for regulation companies and in-houselegal departments. They are showcasing their commitment to maintaining high standards and excellent client care. Out of the severa solicitor corporations withinside the region, most effective 26 maintain the esteemed Lexcel accreditation. They are making this accomplishment even extra commendable.

Lexcel: A Stringent Accreditation Process

Gaining and maintaining the Lexcel accreditation isn’t anyt any smooth feat. It entails present process a rigorous preliminary evaluate and an annual software and evaluation process. To ensure compliance, background checks and a three-day on-site audit are conduct to evaluate the firm’s adherence to the Lexcel Standard.

Praise from Lexcel Assessor

Following the recent review, the Lexcel assessor showered praise on AWB Charlesworth, a prominent legal firm with offices in Skipton. They are stating that the Lexcel Standard is deeply ingrained in the firm’s culture. Additionally, the assessor commended the firm for implementing outstanding people management procedures that surpass the Lexcel standard’s requirements. This acknowledgment highlights the firm’s dedication to maintaining excellence in all aspects of their practice.

Delight Over Re-Accreditation

Felicity Green, the Practice Manager at AWB Charlesworth, a prominent legal firm with offices in Skipton. They are express their pride upon receiving affirmation in their re-accreditation towards the Lexcel standard. Green emphasized that the legal services market offers a plethora of choices, and their ongoing commitment to excellent client care and best practices, As verified through those fine marks, affords customers with an extra cause to pick out AWB Charlesworth Solicitors for his or her non-public and commercial enterprise criminal needs.

Emphasis on Customer Service

In today’s increasingly diverse and competitive market, AWB Charlesworth understands the paramount importance of customer service commitment. The firm takes proactive steps to meet and exceed high standards, ensuring client satisfaction remains at the core of their operations.As a testomony to their dedication, a latest overview of 2023 remarks bureaucracy found out that a extremely good 98.eight in step with cent of clients defined the carrier they obtained from the company as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent,’ with an excellent seventy five in step with cent score it as ‘excellent.’


The 14th consecutive year of receiving the Lexcel quality mark speaks volumes about AWB Charlesworth’s commitment to maintaining exceptional standards and client care. Their success in navigating the rigorous accreditation process showcases their dedication to providing top-notch legal services. With only a select few firms in the region holding this esteemed accreditation, AWB Charlesworth’s accomplishment sets them apart as a reliable and trusted legal partner for individuals and businesses alike. As the legal landscape continues to evolve, AWB Charlesworth remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, ensuring that client satisfaction remains the cornerstone of their practice.